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Human Design shows us our energetic blueprint of how we’re meant to operate to our fullest potential to living a life and creating a business wilder than our wildest dreams. Human Design provides us with the tools of what we should be aware of and what we need to align, so we can become our most powerful, authentic self. Your Human Design Chart is your energetic DNA blueprint!


By understanding your Human Design you will unlock your unique blueprint on how you are meant to show up in this world, how your energy is meant to flow, and the strategies you can utilise to begin to feel in alignment, thriving and creating aligned results to quantum leap in your life and business. 


A full in-depth report compiled by Kylie Nel (professionally trained in Human Design).

This will include: 


✨In depth discussion of your Type/Strategy + Authority

✨Analysis of your 9 Centres (defined/undefined)

✨Profile and Definition, to uncover your soul's mission and how you can better use this to understand the unfolding of your life

✨Introduction to your Incarnation Cross as part of illuminating your soul’s unique mission

✨Journal Prompts to help guide you towards alignment 

✨A unique crystal grid intuitively guided to amplify your design

✨The opportunity to ask questions on where you want clarity in your life or business, that will be answered with personal video feedback with your report

✨A 60 minute call to ask more questions on your Human Design + receive tarot and intuitive guidance 

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Hi gorgeous soul! My name is Kylie Nel, and I am a Human Design + Energy Business Coach

I am obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs activate their infinite potential, so they can live a life filled with passion, purpose, and profit. 

Join me in my world we explore living in the quantum reality now as I harness tools from human design, quantum healing, chakra and crystal healing, quantum reiki, and intuitive marketing paired with soulful sales and marketing techniques. 

My clients and I have generated just over $300K in sales in less than 2 years - and I'm here to help you do the same. 

It's time to build your legacy.

I can't wait to experience this with you. 

All my love,